Real Posada de Liena
Real Posada De Liena
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PrintSan Juan de la Peña

Old Monastery of San Juan de la Peña.

The first impression is of awe, the beauty product of the building and its enclosure within a mountain. Low Church stresses its Mozarabic style, where the apses are coated with a series of Romanesque frescoes of the twelfth century.

It also stands out the Board of Councils of trapezoidal shape and the Pantheon of Nobles where two rows of niches make up the room.

The high Church is located above the Mozarabic and holds a Royal Pantheon where lie Ramiro I, Sancho Ramirez and Pedro I. A gate allows Mozarabic style from the church to the cloister, one of the jewels that we marvel over the monastery, covered by an impressive roof rock. Notable capitals.
Above the mountain is the new monastery, a must visit. From here various routes to be short-lived as the balcony of the Pyrenees, "Ermita de San Voto, Parador Oroel, issued Izarbe, Santa Cruz in the serosa.