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PrintRoute of the Castles Loarre and Sarsamarcuello

Route of the Castles Loarre and Sarsamarcuello

Loarre Castle, built between the XI and XIII centuries, forming part of the boundary line of defense against the Muslims in the south and west of the Navarre neighborhood, stands on a cliff overlooking the entire la Hoya de Huesca, most Roman fort of Spain and that 100,000 people visit each year, especially following the shooting of the movie "The Kingdom of Heaven" by Ridley Scott in 2004. Highlights their royal chapel, the church of San Pedro, with its ground well, the keep, the Queen and the decor ajedrezco check.




The castle stands on a sharp Sarsamarcuello spur of the sierra Loarre since the days of Queen Berta and offers spectacular views of the Kingdom of the Mallos.