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Real Posada De Liena
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Ordesa National Park

A 65 minute drive from our hotel, is ORDESA NATIONAL PARK AND MONTE LOST is created in 1918 for the Ordesa Valley, and in 1982 an extension was made ​​to the three valleys that besides Ordesa, form the Monte Perdido Massif: Valle de Pineta, Escuaín Gorges and Valley and Canyon Añisclo, currently occupying an area of ​​15,608 hectares. Each of the four valleys is different and has its own peculiarities.

The massif of Monte Perdido is a limestone formation and altitude of the highest peak is 3348 meters. Your name in the area is The Three Serols. The park is located in the Aragonese Pyrenees, in the province of Huesca and in turn in the Sobrarbe, is bordering on the north by the Parc National des Pyrénées in France. Its territory belongs to the municipalities of Torla, Puértolas, Fanlo, Tella-Sin and Bielsa, more Broto City Council that has territory in the catchment area of the park.


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The Aguarales of Valpalmas

A mere 40 minutes from our Hotel is a place semidesconocido, but whose observation takes us to one of the guns miniature Yankee West: the aguarales of Valpalmas.

They are located between Piedratajada and Valpalmas, a few kilometers from the road between Zuera and Ejea and walking distance of Ayerbe and Castle Loarre and appreciates them as rain and erosion create works of art in clay.


Tourist train route to Canfranc

Starting from the Mallos de Riglos (Riglos station-Council) to 8 minutes from our hotel, the train runs at slow speed by a breathtaking tourist road where the view is recreated observing Riglos Mallos, the Gallego river, swamp de la Peña Pena Oroel, Jaca and the old station Canfranc, of great beauty and an end of the tour. There you can walk along the path of the Melancholy of 30 minutes without any difficulty, and by lunch and afternoon return to Hotel.

Council Riglos-out schedule: 9.11 am (arrival at 11 am Canfranc).
Time Out Canfranc: 17.48 hours (arrival Riglos-Council to 19.40 hours)

Prices 2012 (round trip): € 11.70 adults, € 7.80 children. 


Old Monastery of San Juan de la Peña

The first impression is of awe, the beauty product of the building and its enclosure within a mountain. Low Church stresses its Mozarabic style, where the apses are coated with a series of Romanesque frescoes of the twelfth century...

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Route of the Castles and Loarre Sarsamarcuello

Loarre Castle, built between the XI and XIII centuries, forming part of the boundary line of defense against the Muslims in the south and west of the Navarre neighborhood, stands on a cliff overlooking the entire la Hoya de Huesca, most Roman fort of Spain and that 100,000 people a year visit ...

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Collegiata Bolea

Collegiata Bolea, with three naves, transept vault and a polygonal apse and reredos ...


Organ Museum

In the town of Agüero Museum are the only body which together pieces of old organs of the sixteenth century set out in four rooms, including carved wooden keys of boxwood or ivory ...

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Church of Santa Maria

Church of Santa Maria in Santa Cruz of the serosa in Romanesque check, refuge, where the daughters of the first King of Aragon, Ramiro I, and women of the most remarkable ...

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Church of San Caprasio

Church St. in Santa Cruz de Caprasio serosal, located at the entrance to the village of Lombard Romanesque style, the only building ...

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